Observance for Owners

Stay informed about your site with just one click

Observance empowers construction industry owners with streamlined project management through automated milestones tracking, schedule analytics, and Scan-To-BIM technology. Easily compare 3D models and videos from different scan dates with the Peel-Off feature, while the real-time 3D walkthrough enhances site visualization. By providing rapid data access, Observance reduces operational costs, and its user-friendly interface simplifies collaboration and decision-making. With the convenience of accessing the platform from any device, owners can accelerate project completion and optimize property delivery to the market

Milestones Tracking

Streamlined management and monitoring of project deliverables, quantities, timelines, and requirements-to-solutions traceability through automated systems

Schedule Analytics

Gain valuable insights with our Planned vs Actual Analysis of your project schedule. Stay informed about real-time updates and promptly address any delays to keep your project on track


Observance facilitates the creation of detailed Building Information Models (BIM) from scans. These BIMs are compatible with Autodesk AutoCAD and Revit, ensuring a smooth integration into your existing workflows


Compare 3D Models and Videos captured at different scan dates effortlessly. Our unique "slide" feature allows you to observe progress over time and reveal hidden elements, providing a comprehensive understanding of your project's evolution

Realtime 3D Walkthrough

Experience a vivid and immersive walkthrough of your Color Textured 3D Model. Our solution synchronizes video footage from cameras and thermal imaging with the 3D Model, allowing you to walk through the site in real time!

Reduce Operational Costs

By providing rapid access to critical data, our platform streamlines operations, leading to significant reductions in operational costs. Stay efficient and make informed decisions without unnecessary delays