Observance for Architects

Get Measurable As-Built 3D, 2D and BIM Models

Observance empowers architects in the construction industry with precise as-built 3D models and 2D drawings, ensuring 99.2% accuracy in measurements and eliminating the need for manual measurements and site visits.The platform excels in capturing intricate details such as MEP elements, wall sockets, and slab heights, ensuring every part is accurately represented, saving time and reducing costly rework. Seamless integration is a cornerstone of the platform, allowing effortless export to popular software like AutoCAD, CAD-T, and SketchUp. This not only expedites the workflow but also ensures compatibility with industry-standard tools, facilitating collaboration and delivering exceptional results for architectural projects.

Measurable As-Built 3D and 2D

Get a measurable 3D Model within a day of scanning, performs length, area, angle and volume measurements with impeccable precision

Exportable to DWG, RVT & GLTF

The generated 3D BIM, 3D Scan and 2D as-built floor plan are exportable to AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp and any software that supports our exported formats


Observance's advanced technology utilizes the AI Segmented 3D Model of the Scan to generate a highly detailed LOD350 BIM, providing architects with comprehensive and precise information for their projects

Reduce Site Visits

Achieve substantial site visit reduction through Observance's precise 3D models and 2D drawings, ensuring 99.2% measurement accuracy. Eliminate manual measurements with comprehensive data accessible remotely, enhancing project efficiency and design focus.

Reduce Rework Costs

Minimize rework expenses with Observance's accurate integration of MEP elements, sockets, and slab heights. Enhance project quality by preventing errors, optimizing design precision, and eliminating costly revisions.

3D Model With Interior Elements

Re-Upload the As-Built BIM Model to Observance platform after adding interior elements to the model. The newly pushed model with interiors is freely viewable and has a trajectory slider that helps in easier navigation of the model on the Observance web based open source viewer

Slider View Comparison

Slider view enables comparison of scans done between two different time periods. It also allows for comparison of the BIM models with and without interior elements.

Thermal Analytics

Integration of Thermal Texture Models, providing invaluable data on moisture levels. This enhances project efficiency and elevates the overall quality by proactively addressing potential issues before they escalate.