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Our Proprietary data collection device allows us to scan 100,000 sqft under an hour. These data sets are uploaded to cloud, post which it takes us additional 5 hours to generate measurable and actionable as-built 3D models with construction defects, BIM comparisons and thermal analytics

Our competition takes around 15-25 days from the planning stage to generating point cloud data, which needs to be viewed on "their" proprietary software which also needs a high-end expensive computer to run.

Our sensor-fusion device, coupled with onboard computing capabilities, collects and processes nearly 1 billion 3D points per hour. After post-processing on the cloud, generated models and analytics can be viewed on any phone or on a laptop. Our algorithms compress nearly a tera-byte worth of data into 40MB 3D models!

As-built Models
See the construction as it happens, in full rich color detail and measurable structures.

Fusing LIDAR, Odometry data, HDR, and Thermal Cameras, our algorithms recreate the visual as-built environment with 3mm std accuracy.
The generated models are:

— Measurable
— Exportable to any BIM software
— Textured
— Lightweight and browser friendly
— Easy to compare with BIM

2D as-built layout drawings are also processed and made available in DWG/other formats.

BIM Deviations
Observance measures mm-level deviations between aligned as-built and BIM 3D files using advanced alignment algorithms

Observance allows you to see the deviations as color-coded textures, mapped onto building surfaces. Deviations such as structural, dimensional, angular, plumb, and bulges can quickly be identified and converted into tasks/action-items on Observance's integrated task management portal.

— Import and View BIM files
— Compare with the actual constructed site
— AI-based model-alignment
— See deviations as color-coded textures
— Convert major deviations into PM tasks

Thermal Imaging
Thermal Imaging captures thermal inconsistencies impacting project quality

Temperature variations on building surfaces can be caused due to several factors that include, environmental temperature, water seepage/leakage, electrical heat loss, cement curing, etc. Our algorithms are constantly learning to provide temperature variations that might be caused due to:

— Water Leakage
— Water Seepage
— Electrical Over-current
— In-efficient HVAC systems
— Machines needing maintenance
— Improper material usage

Defect Discovery
Constantly fed with new data, our ML models are learning to predict 100+ different kinds of construction defects.

Our models are learning to predict defects related to structural loads, concrete mixtures and curing, salt in water, workmanship issues, missing SOPs, thermal, health and safety. These defects help PMC and builders to:

— Identify defects early
— Identify defects invisible to the human eye
— Implement H&S standards
— Reduce development costs
— Reduce maintenance costs

Project Control
Observance includes tools to manage and control project deliverables, timelines, defect identification/resolution tools, and requirements-to-solutions traceability.

Observance helps control and manage construction projects by providing tools that manage:

— Defects
— Tasks
— Teams
— Vendors
— Files
— Clients
— Traceability
— Costs

Construction SW Suite
PMC and construction companies need to use multiple SWs to plan, manage, execute and deliver their projects. Not anymore!

Working very closely with the stakeholders, the Observance team realized the amount of time and resources that is lost, as they struggle to manage 10s of different SW for each project. Most of these SW are designed to exclude more than 90% of team members from accessing data, are expensive and require massive computing resources. Not anymore! If you are using Observance you do not need:

— BIM Viewers
— Scan Viewers
— 2D Drawing Generator and Viewers
— File Managers
— Project Management Tools
— Scheduling Tools
— Image/defect-image sharing tools
— Task Management Tools
— People Management Tools
— Internal Communication Tools, and a lot more.

Observance is a complete platform, that becomes single-stop tool for construction companies, that is available anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Our clients get secure and end-to-end encrypted access to their site's data and analytics.

Observance platform works like a super-app, that is secure and provides project management, scheduling, task management, BIM viewer, 2D as-build drawing generation, defects tracking, on-site people management, attendance, and file management tools.

Our sensor-fusion device can be used while walking or carried over a drone and can run as long as 5 hours (or capture 500,000 sqft) on a single charge.

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Our Customers

Client Logo
Client Logo
“I am pleased with Colliers' collaboration with Inkers in developing CoGence to make our project management business more future-ready. As we focus on innovative technology platforms to provide customized and productive solutions for the industry, where one can get advanced analytics and real-time reports quickly, I am positive that Inkers will continue to add value to the platform and enhance its viability across clients.”
Argenio Antao - Chief Operating Officer
Colliers, India