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End-to-End Construction Management Powered by AI

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it!
Observance measures, while you construct!

Learn how Owners, Contractors and Architects rely on Observance
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Project Milestones

Automated Management and tracking of project deliverables, quantities, timelines and requirements-to-solutions traceability.

As-Built Models

Document the construction as it happens, with rich details and accurate "measurements" in both 3D and 2D.

BIM Deviations & Snag Lists

Clash and Deviations as color-coded 3D textures, mapped onto building surfaces with AI tracked Snag Lists!

Automated Tracking of Milestones and Scheduling

Witness the ease of tracking, managing, and executing construction projects like never before.

No BIM? No problem! Observance can still craft your project milestones and schedule tracking with impeccable precision. Remember, with us, BIM is an option, not an obligation. BIM or not, we've got your analytics covered!

  • Milestone Progress

    Track 80+ construction stages with unparalleled precision.
  • Detailed Scheduling Analysis

    Plan vs. actual analysis for efficient scheduling.
  • Save Time, Increase Accuracy

    Through our tools, we help you achieve a 95% reduction in time spent tracking and reconciling progress.
  • Production Rate Tracking

    Our tool lets you know if you're ahead or need to get back on track, ensuring that delays are minimized.
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Milestones Scan
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Next Generation Construction AI

  • Defects AI

    Detects 15 construction defects in real-time. By identifying these defects early, it reduces downtime and minimize rework costs, thus reducing costs and time

  • Objects AI

    Identify and catalog over 35 site scan objects, significantly streamlining inventory management processes and enhancing operational efficiency

  • Mesh Segmentation AI

    Segments the mesh into 10 IFC classes, which simplifies the Mesh-to-BIM conversion process and optimizes time and resource utilization

  • Health & Safety AI

    Our SOTA Facial Recognition technology provides reports for attendance, safety violations and unknown person reports in real-time!

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