Observance for Contractors

Insights for Safer More Efficient Projects

Observance empowers contractors in the construction industry with a seamless and efficient platform for managing Health and Safety, optimizing workforce management, tracking productivity hours, identifying snags in 3D models, and streamlining communication among project stakeholders. Our Snag Lists AI detects over 10 common snag checks in real-time, reducing rework costs and time. State-of-the-Art Facial Recognition technology ensures a secure work environment, while our comprehensive task manager simplifies task assignment and tracking. Experience improved project management, safety, and productivity with Observance's all-in-one solution.

Snag Lists AI

Observance's AI-driven Snag Lists detect 10+ common snags in real-time, minimizing rework costs and saving time. Seamlessly convert Snag Items into tasks, assign them to the right individuals, and track their status with our comprehensive task manager.

Health & Safety AI

Observance offers seamless Health and Safety management with real-time reports using Facial Recognition technology. Optimize workforce management with efficient Manpower and Attendance handling. Track Productivity Hours effectively to maximize efficiency and meet schedules.

People Management

Observance serves as a centralized communication platform, connecting all project stakeholders in one place. Experience streamlined collaboration like never before, allowing you to manage all the involved parties efficiently.


Observance facilitates the creation of detailed Building Information Models (BIM) from scans. These BIMs are compatible with Autodesk AutoCAD and Revit, ensuring a smooth integration into your existing workflows


Compare 3D Models and Videos captured at different scan dates effortlessly. Our unique "slide" feature allows you to observe progress over time and reveal hidden elements, providing a comprehensive understanding of your project's evolution

Realtime 3D Walkthrough

Experience a vivid and immersive walkthrough of your Color Textured 3D Model. Our solution synchronizes video footage from cameras and thermal imaging with the 3D Model, allowing you to walk through the site in real time!