Scan Process

  • Capture Process

    The engineer carries the hand held LITHIC scanner while he walks across the project site
  • Scanning Duration

    Typically 50K sqft site is scanned within a duration of 45 minutes
  • Scan Data

    RGB, Thermal, IMU and LiDAR is dumped in the integrated SSD of LITHIC
  • Scan Period

    These scans are conducted on periodic intervals to update the 3D model to reflect the real time work status at site

Drone Scanning

  • Drone LITHIC

    LITHIC can also be integrated with a drone for seamless capture of exterior and interior of sites
  • Capture Process

    The drone, piloted remotely, flies over the project site following a pre-programmed route to ensure comprehensive coverage
  • Geolocation

    LITHIC drone flights outputs are georeferenced to an accuracy of 1 meter, which enables stacking and placing all scans of the site on google maps
  • Output Process

    Similar to LITHIC handheld the collected data is then processed to update the 3D model, providing an up-to-date representation of the real-time work status at the site
  • LITHIC Drone Specifications

  • GPS Denied Navigation

    Obstacle Avoidance

    20min flight time

    Mission Automation

    2kg payload

    80m max height

The Measurable 3D Model!

  • 3D Mesh

    The 3D as-built measurable engineering model is freely navigable, downloadable and viewable on Observance
  • 2D Plan

    A cleaned, vectorized and scaled as-built 2D floorplan with option to export to DXF (AutoCAD)
  • Measurements

    Accurate Linear, Angular, Area, Volume Measurements enabled on the outputs with imperial/metric system
  • Accuracy

    All measurable outputs on Observance have an accuracy of 99.2%


Section Planes

Slice planes across the model to isolate mesh components


Estimate volume under a given plane in excavation sites


Snap to vertex, edge and faces of mesh with magnify tool


Save current view with photos and text annotations convertible to a task

Google Maps

Load the georeferenced 3D model in Google Maps

2D Floor Plan

Dynamically generate 2D Floor Plan with Section Planes!

Segmented Model

Switch to AI Segmented 3D Model with precomputed volumes and area


Measure length, angle, area and volume with high precision

Downloadable in your format



2D Floor Plans with AutoCAD


Coloured Point Clouds


3D Textured Mesh


Georeferenced Textured Mesh


Scan-To-BIM exported to Revit


Scan-To-BIM exported to IFC

Stacked Model on Google Maps

  • Stacking Process

    Georeferenced scanned floor of the building are accurately aligned and displayed on the 3D Viewer, offering an interactive bird's eye view of the entire site
  • Navigation

    This feature allows you to navigate through the complex architecture of multi-storey structures with ease. Each floor can be explored independently or in the context of the entire building, enabling a detailed examination of the construction progress
  • Map Layers

    Switch between Terrain and Satellite view of Google Maps

Side-By-Side View

  • 3D Scan vs Camera Video

    3D textured model can be viewed side-by-side with camera video and thermal video synced to the nearest best camera angle corresponding to the 3D viewpoint
  • 3D Scan vs BIM Model

    Scan Model can be compared with the BIM to track differences with color coded textures representing distance between them, search range for which can be configured from 0-1 meter
  • RGB vs Thermal

    Compare RGB Camera and Thermal Camera videos side-by-side with synchronization

Slider View

  • Old Scan vs New Scan

    Any two models or video of two different scan dates scan be loaded and "slided" across to see differences between them. All 3D View features like Section Plane, Measurement and Annotations work seamlessly with Slider View
  • "Peel Off"

    View perfectly synced models and videos to reveal elements at different timelines but at the same location
  • Scan History

    See historical time-lapse changes between the scans over a period of time with precise alignment

Thermal Analytics

  • Processing

    Thermal Camera data is synced with the RGB Camera to the nearest milisecond to create a thermal texture to the model, which provides precise thermal readings in 3D
  • Moisture Seepage

    Thermal texture color sensitivity range can be remapped to desired range that reveals various moisture patterns which enables early detection of leaks and moisture seepage
  • Leak Profiling

    The data can be utilized to analyze MEP installations for integrity check and automated leak profiling

Defect Analytics & Punch Lists

  • Snags AI

    Common visible snags like cracks, honeycombs, chipped surfaces, uneven surfaces, cement slurry and moisture seepage automatically recognised and notified as Punch Lists
  • Annotated in 3D

    All the Snag Items are automatically mapped onto the 3D Models and converted to an annotation with Camera Images indicating the item
  • AI Training

    More than 400,000 annotated images are currently used to train the AI model on 30+ defect types
Task Manager

Task Manager

  • Annotations to Task

    3D Annotations, Snag items and PPE Violations can be assigned to someone as a task with start date, due date and task status
  • Task Features

    Tasks can be assigned to multiple individuals, create sub tasks, reassign task to another individual. All of which can be visualized with a comprehensive gantt chart
  • Access Controls

    Tasks are hierarchical, requiring the completion and relevant commentary of subtasks for the parent task's completion. Every task includes automatic audit trails for change documentation.

Manpower Tracking, Health & Safety Analytics

  • Facial Recognition

    FR is run on entry and exit cameras and live notification with images of Recognized, Unrecognised and PPE Incidents are reported in real-time to Observance Dashboard
  • PPE Detection

    AI trained model on Helmet, Vest and Boots to detect PPE Violations for people working on site
  • AI Reports

    Autogenerated reports for Attendance, PPE Violations, Blacklisted people and Unknown person for a given date and time range

As-Built 3D Model

  • Measurable 3D BIM

    Meticulously detailed 3D as-built model is automatically generated, representing the project site or floor with unrivaled accuracy.
  • Segmented 3D Model

    The high-fidelity 3D map undergoes our sophisticated segmentation pipeline, resulting in a well-defined, segmented 3D Model
  • Highly Compressed 3D Model

    This model is easily accessible through the Observance platform, offering full navigability and compatibility with popular web-based viewers like Autodesk.

As-Built 2D Drawings

  • Detailed 2D Drawings

    Observance's cloud processing generates high-fidelity 3D map whch undergoes our sophisticated segmentation pipeline, resulting in a well-defined, segmented 3D map. This segmented 3D map, in turn, becomes our reference point for the generation of a precise 2D drawing, ensuring a comprehensive and highly reliable representation of the space.
  • 2D Drawing Outputs

    • Floor Plan Drawings
    • Reflected Ceiling Plan Drawings
    • Section Drawings
    • Elevation Drawings
    • Plot Survey & Spot Elevation Drawings
Task Manager

High Quality Textured - 3D Model