3D LiDAR Scanner


LITHIC is the acronym for LiDAR-Thermal-IMU-Camera. It includes a 360 LiDAR, IMU sensors, RGB camera, Thermal Camera and a Multi Spectral Camera.


  • Device Weight1.2kg
  • Power Rating 19V 5A
  • Operating Time40-50 minutes
  • Laser Wavelength905nm
  • Laser Class Class 1
  • FOV
    Horizontal - 360°Vertical - (-7°~52°)
  • Detection Range40 m @ 10% reflectivity
  • Point Cloud Density240000 points/second
  • RGB Camera
    HD/Full HD, USB3.0 Interface
  • Thermal Camera
    Resolution - 320x240Frame Rate - 9Hz
  • Storage Capacity500GB/1TB NVMe
LITHIC generated PCD

Hand-held Mobile Mapping

LITHIC scanner enables engineers to capture real-time 3D data as they walk the project site. Our innovative SLAM algorithm enhances efficiency and accuracy in data acquisition, enabling swift and precise capture of spatial information.

Long-Range Measurement

In approximately 20 minutes, scan an area spanning 50,000 square feet. Achieve a remarkable 2 cm of relative accuracy over distances up to 100 meters, boasting an impressive 99.2% accuracy rate.

Thermal Scan

LITHIC scanning device is sensor fused with LiDAR sensor, RGB camera and thermal camera. As we are scanning the area of a project site, we are capturing and recording thermal data and thermal frames.

Thermal Texture

Enable thermal texture on the 3D mesh, a unique feature exclusive to the Observance platform. Identify hot and cold zones effortlessly, even when they are not visible to the naked eye.

RGB Scan Walkthrough

3D BIM models are generated using Observance's SLAM engine and cloud processing, allowing in-depth analysis, segmentation, and comparison with BIM models, RGB videos, or thermal videos.